Healing Motion Physical Therapy & Wellness Center

Physical Therapy:     At Healing Motion, we offer an advanced form of specialized manual therapy called Myofascial Release, or MFR. MFR is incredibly effective at eliminating pain, restoring lost movement and function, and generally increasing energy and vitality in our patient’s lives. Using Myofascial Release as part of your physical therapy is unique in treating patients with pain because we takes a whole body, or total systems approach, to evaluation and treatment of each patient.

Pilates:      With over 30 years experience teaching Pilates to every imaginable type of client: from children to 80 year olds, from Olympic athletes to weekend warriors, from professional dancers and figure skaters to just folks looking for some gentle exercise to get back into shape, we can customize the authentic Pilates Method to meet your needs and goals. We have an expert physical therapist on staff who can help customize your Pilates workout to fit your particular needs or injuries. At Healing Motion, Pilates will help you become healthier and more alive, not injure you further.

Gyrotonic®:     Gyrotonic® is the exercise of the future, right here, right now in Pittsburgh. Your body was designed to move, not stagnate behind a desk or immobilized in front of a computer. Help undo the effects of modern life with an invigorating, life enhancing Gyrotonic®workout at Healing Motion.

Sport Conditioning:      We have Pittsburgh's most comprehensive, sport-specific, performance enahancement and conditioning programs, featuring Pilates for increased core stabilization and better posture, Gyrotonic for improved coordination and mobility, and Myofascial Release to lengthen soft tissue restrictions and improve flexibility.

ONLY Healing Motion offers this UNIQUE combination of conditioning modalities to help you take your game to the next level, and BEYOND!


Ellsworth Avenue 5840, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15232, United States
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