You will FEEL the difference at Healing Motion Physical Therapy and Wellness Center.

We only see patients for one–on–one Physical Therapy for a FULL HOUR. We believe in treating YOU, the WHOLE person, not just your symptoms. Therefore, Our Primary Goal is:

To help YOU return to a PAIN FREE active lifestyle.

You can expect highly personalized care, through a multidisciplinary approach to treatment that experience has shown to be the most effective. At Healing Motion, the patient and therapist become partners, creating together the positive changes necessary for relieving pain and restoring optimum function.

Healing Motion's therapists treat a wide variety of orthopedic, neurologic and chronic pain diagnoses. The combination of Myofascial Release to achieve structural balance and movement re-education to promote dynamic spinal stability, endurance, and coordination has a profound effect on the body's ability to heal.
Combining these practices with resistive exercises such as Pilates and/or Gyrotonic® , aerobic conditioning and an aggressive flexibility program allows the patient to attain long-term goals of biomechanical awareness and pain-free movement.
Healing Motion is equipped with a wide range of innovative exercise apparatus, as well as electrical stimulation, ultrasound units, heat and ice. Electrical and heat modalities are utilized when the therapist believes there will be a real and measurable benefit, not as a matter of course or as a replacement for more time consuming manual and exercise therapies.

The Old Way to do PT
  1. Have you had PT where it seems like your pain and dysfunction don't seem to really matter to the therapist?
  2. Do you always get heat or ice, whether you really need it or not?
  3. Have you been in the clinic for over an hour but hardly saw your therapist because they were too busy running around with 5 or 6 other patients besides you?
  4. Were you only shown your exercises once, and then left to remember or figure them out on your own?
  5. Have you been through the therapy mill (maybe more than once!) and still aren't better?

That's the old ineffective, but highly profitable, corporate model of providing physical therapy.

Experience the difference at Healing Motion, Physical Therapy and Wellness Center!

Our therapists customize an individualized plan of care after a thorough examination and carefully listening to the person who knows your injury the best—YOU! That means you get the therapist's undivided attention for the whole treatment. That means you really do get the care you need to begin healing yourself. After all, the most effective treatment arises from a collaboration between the therapist and patient.

When a patient finishes physical therapy at Healing Motion, they leave with a wealth of management techniques and a complete education in their own care. In addition to continuing with a home program, some individuals find it beneficial to have periodic myofascial release and massage sessions to maintain the progress they have achieved in therapy. Other patients who have become "hooked" on Pilates and Gyrotonic® continue their study at Healing Motion with one of our certified instructors privately or in a group lesson.

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