Whole Body Sports Conditioning at Healing Motion

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We have Pittsburgh's most comprehensive, sport-specific, performance enahancement and conditioning programs, featuring Pilates for increased core stabilization and better posture, Gyrotonic for improved coordination and mobility, and Myofascial Release to lengthen soft tissue restrictions and improve flexibility.

ONLY Healing Motion offers this UNIQUE combination of conditioning modalities to help you take your game to the next level, and BEYOND!

Get Your Head In the Game
At Healing Motion, Pittsburgh's most advanced sports conditioning program is based upon the principles of functional exercise, designed to restore balance, length, strength and coordination of movement patterns specific to your favorite sports activity. These principles are used successfully by most of the world's greatest athletes

simply by adapting the concepts to their specific sport and it's unique movements.

Unfortunately, the term 'functional exercise' has been co-opted to attract golfers and other athletes to the same old machine-based programs of the past. The problem with this is that machines are designed to isolate muscle function, but your brain does not work in terms of individual or isolated muscles. Your system recruits groups of muscles in uniquely pre-programmed sequences, that need to be reinforced with correct practice, integrating the entire body and mind. Therefore, ANY exercise program designed to improve function in an athlete, must be designed to
integrate the whole body.

The sport-specific exercise programs at Healing Motion integrate the whole body by incorporating five key components:
  1. Flexibility and Joint Mobility
  2. Maintenance of Center of Gravity
  3. Generalized Motor Program Repatterning
  4. Selection of Open vs. Closed Chain Exercises
  5. Promotion of Good Posture

But it's not enough to just throw some exercises together and hope for the best. It is crucial that four physical factors influencing all sports performance be addressed in the correct order:
  1. Joint Mobility in combination with Muscle Balance and Flexibility
  2. Static and Dynamic Postural Stability
  3. Strength
  4. Power
Any attempts to improve strength or power without first restoring flexibility and stability will always be less efficient and likely lead to injury.
Tennis requires whole body sport conditioning.
At Healing Motion, we help you take your performance to the next level by incorporating the five key components of an efficient exercise program with the four physical factors influencing performance into these principles:
  • All treatment or exercise programs first correct underlying movement deficits or postural faults before trying to improve performance.
  • Relieving pain is the primary focus only during the acute phase of an injury (usually lasting two to four weeks.)
  • When restoring function and improving performance are the goal, our programs follow the progression of restoring flexibility and joint mobility while balancing the muscular system, followed by increasing strength, and finally increasing power.

These principles are universal and apply to any athlete, in any sport. However, many of our clients are avid golfers and frequently requested help in trying to improve their game. By popular demand, we created a golf-specific conditioning program designed to address the most frequently seen issues which prevent golfers from achieving the level of play they aspire to.

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