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Golf is a body-mind sport. You analyze each shot for a series of variables including the lie of the ball, the distance to the hole, local terrain, hazards, wind speed and direction. Then you visualize the best way to advance the ball toward and into the hole. The image of the shot is then relayed from the mind to body in order to shape a swing or stroke to carry out the intended shot you imagined. The best results come when the mind and body are synchronized, working together to carry out the actions you imagined for your shot.

To learn to move with speed, power, agility and precision, you need to begin training with small, repetitive movements much like a martial artist. Simultaneously you begin training the mind in the art of concentration and mindfulness in movement, as well as learning how to use your physical and mental energy—the blending of mind and body in movement. Pilates and Gyrotonic as taught only at Healing Motion are the ultimate mind-body disciplines. Our instructors are uniquely skilled in helping you master these cutting edge exercise systems to improve your game and enhance your health!

Why Isn't My Game Improving?

Golf Is Highly Athletic. Golf is a highly athletic event. Club head speeds can reach over 100 miles per hour, an effort comparable to pitching a baseball. Studies have shown that amateur golfers achieve 90% of their peak muscle activity when driving a golf ball. This is the same intensity as picking up a weight that you can only lift four times before total fatigue. Yet, golfers fail to realize they strike the ball an average of 30 to 40 times a game with comparable intensity!

Typically, most golfers play golf to get into shape to play golf. However, in almost every other sport, professional athletes understand the difference between conditioning for their sport and playing their sport, and recognize the benefit to their game of a formal conditioning program. In the golfing world, the importance of golf-specific conditioning has gained wide acclaim only recently, despite studies showing that golf-specific conditioning works. In one study researchers found that golfers with the lowest handicaps had significantly greater hip, torso and shoulder strength; greater shoulder, hip and torso flexibility;
and better balance than golfers with less proficiency (higher handicaps.) Unsurprisingly, they concluded that better golfers possess unique physical characteristics that are important for greater proficiency, but that these characteristics can be modified through golf-specific training programs.
Another study tested a golf-specific training program and concluded that following the program, the golfers' torso rotational strength and hip abduction strength; torso, shoulder and hip flexibility; and balance all improved significantly, resulting in increased club head velocity, ball velocity and driving distance. In short,
because they participated in a golf-specific conditioning and stretching program 3 to 4 times per week, they were golfing better!

The ONLY conclusion to draw from this is that golfers need to consider themselves athletes and train accordingly, using specific programs scientifically designed to improve integration and synchronization of the whole body.
Healing Motion's Golf Performance Enhancement program does just that!!

Playing Through Injury and Pain. When any athlete is injured, careful consideration must be given to the cause of the injury. Often patients are looking for a 'quick fix' so that doctors and some therapists are too quick to focus on removing the pain rather than addressing the root cause of the problem. However,
when the removal of pain is seen as the cure, problems are sure to ensue. Injuries recur and many athletic careers end after what should have been a temporary setback. Recurring pain in the back, shoulder, knee, wrist and elbow are endemic among golfers. Studies have shown that at any given time as many as 30% of all professional golfers are playing injured, and 53% of male and 45% of female golfers suffer from back pain.

You can reduce your risk of injury by following the carefully designed Golf Performance Enhancement Program at Healing Motion. Additionally, if you already suffer from an injury, you will have greater success returning to your game when
we help you address the underlying cause of the injury, not just the symptoms.

Is Technology Lowering Golf Scores? Have you ever found yourself wondering: 'If I only had that 'revolutionary' driver it would change my long game.' Many players succumb to the notion that practice and the latest high-tech equipment is all that's required to improve their game. Unfortunately, the numbers tell a different story: Golfers haven't improved, despite technological advances in club and ball design!

A quick look through a recent edition of Golfer's Handbook reveals the following:
  • The winning score in the 1939 U.S. Masters Championship was 279 and 55 years later, it was won in 1994 with the same score of 279!
  • The 1958 USPGA Championship was won with a score of 276, but in 1992 the same tournament was won with a score of 278, two strokes worse!
  • The Scottish Professional Championship was won in 1960 with a score of 278, while the winning score in 1994 was 281!

Things are no different for amateur golfers either. Fifteen years ago the average American male golfer's handicap was 16.2 while the average female golfer had a handicap of 29.
Today, the average American male has a handicap of 16.2 and the average female's handicap is 29!

With these telling statistics in mind, it just doesn't make sense to spend all that money on the latest high-tech gear. The best return on dollars spent obviously comes from investing in and changing the only thing you can ultimately control anyway—YOURSELF! You can increase your strength, flexibility, and balance, and thereby improve your golf game, not to mention your general health and well being through Healing Motion's Golf Performance Enhancement Program. Don't waste any more time on inefficient training! Call TODAY for an appointment! 412-363-4050