Golf and Tennis Performance Enhancement Programs at Healing Motion

Included in this revolutionary 5-week program, for one great fee:
  • A thorough physical evaluation of your: strength, flexibility, soft tissue restrictions, movement deficits and balance skills
  • 10 Pilates / Gyrotonic® sessions (2/week)
  • 5 Myofascial Release sessions (1/week)
  • A manual including key stretches, core stabilization exercises and self treatment methods
  • A custom tailored home program to maintain the improvements you make in the clinic
  • Stretchout strap to help with your flexibility program
  • Two balls to help with your self treatment of tight muscles and restricted soft tissue
  • Foam roller for self massage/treatment

When purchased singly, the classes and self treatment aids would total $1173, but for a limited time only, we are offering all this plus a customized home program for
ONLY $1000! That's a 15% savings for YOU!

Call TODAY to set up your initial evaluation! 412-363-4050.