Add Yards to Your Drive, and Still Have a Spring in Your Step on The Back Nine!!!

For the first time in Pittsburgh, Healing Motion introduces a revolutionary Golf Performance Enhancement Program. This five week program is designed to give you the tools to take your game to the next level. Don't fire your pro yet, but just wait and see what he says about your form after this program.

You'll feel great, look younger and play better!

  • Have you hit a plateau in your game, that you just can't move past?
  • Are you frustrated in your game because you have the newest equipment, but your game just hasn't improved?
  • Is your short game Okay, but your long game is in the bunker!?
  • Do you start to feel older than you are on the back nine from joint pain?
  • Do you play every round through pain, mistakenly thinking 'that's just the way things are?'

Learn how to optimize your physical and mental game with a golf-specific conditioning program, blending the most effective, cutting-edge, physical training available and state-of-the-art manual therapy. Use
Pilates and Gyrotonic to develop the balance, core stabilization, strength and power to add yards to your game. Manual therapy (Myofascial Release) releases soft tissue restrictions, increases joint mobility and helps restore efficient swing biomechanics, all while reducing pain and inflammation from current or previous injuries.
Healing Motion can help YOU improve your game!
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