Pilates Instructional Training

Experience the BEST Pilates Lessons in the Tri-state region.'The combination of personal progress in Pilates training and continued improvement in physical conditioning that I achieved, motivated me to enroll in a Pilates Teacher taining program.'
—A. Witlin / Galveston, TX & Pittsburgh, PA

Come to Healing Motion Physical Therapy and Wellness Center and take Pilates lessons from the region's most experienced Pilates instructor.

  • Have you always wanted to try Pilates, but weren't sure if it was right for you?
  • Have you thought or heard that Pilates is too hard, or maybe that it's not hard enough?
  • Do you have a bad back or other injury and aren't sure if Pilates make it worse?
With over 25 years experience teaching Pilates to every imaginable type of client: from children to 80 year olds, from Olympic athletes to weekend warriors, from professional dancers and figure skaters to just folks looking for some gentle exercise to get back into shape, we can customize the authentic Pilates Method to meet your needs and goals. We have an expert physical therapist on staff who can help customize your Pilates workout to fit your particular needs or injuries. At Healing Motion, Pilates will help you become healthier and more alive, not injure you further.

Don't settle for a "weekend wonder" instructor that has only taken a single weekend workshop and now thinks they are qualified to teach Pilates. We use ALL the equipment and mat work to your best advantage, and with our experience we can keep you safe and give you a challenging, enjoyable workout, no matter at what level you start.
Pilates is a complete movement methodology emphasizing core strengthening, deep stretching, postural awareness, breathing and balance.

Experience the Healing Motion Difference! You won't be disappointed!Call TODAY for an appointment: 412-363-4050
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